Slot Patterns for Dragon Display Retail Equipment

There are a lot of different slot patterns out there and if you are adding items to an existing system not supplied by us the chances are they will not fit together, and you cannot mix accessories from different manufacturers. The first thing is to go back to where they came from to see whether they can supply what you need.

If you don’t know where they came from and are stuck we may still be able to help if we know what your slot pattern is. We do carry brackets to fit other slot-pitches, but we will need to know the exact sizes of what you have, you can download a drawing for you to measure your system to see if we can replicate it: see below.

Our System 1 (Twinslot) with steel mainly tubular posts has a slot pattern which is 18 x 6.5 Twinslot with a 5mm land between slots, that’s 18mm outside both slots. It has a 38.1mm pitch, that’s 1.5inches, which is the distance from the top of one pair of slots, down to the top of the next pair of slots down. If you are starting afresh you don’t need to worry about this, only if you want to add to an existing system.

System3 and System4 both have a slot pattern which is 18mm x 3.2 mm slots on a 32mm pitch.
NB: If you want to have a row of double-slotted uprights on a wall with a single slotted upright at each end then specify system4 accessories (e.g. CA959/S4 which is a back-bar), and the centre distance between adjacent Double-slotted and Single-slotted uprights needs to reduce slightly from the standard 600mm and we can issue a drawing to show this. We can also supply spacer-bars to aid fixing if required.

Please fill in the online form below.

If you'd like a PDF copy before filling in the form you can download one here.

Please measure each dimension as accurately as possible in mm and fill them in below. For single slots just fill in ‘zero’ for ‘L’.

Centre distance: C1, or C2 may be easier to measure – from the right-hand edge of the right-hand slot in the left upright to the same position – right-hand edge of the right-hand slot in the right upright. It’s the same as C1
The Pitch, from the top of one slot down to the top of the next one down.
Slot depth
The Land between the slots
Total width of both slots
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  • Responding to your enquiry
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  • Following up with any further questions we may have about your enquiry
  • To process any subsequent orders received from you.
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