Twinslot (System1) components and accessories: Uprights & Fixings; Legs, Hanging, Shelving etc

Uprights, Posts & Fixings:

Steel posts, 38.1mm. pitch (1.5inch)

NB: We can make accessories to fit other pitches, but our own accessories will fit this pitch.

30mm square tubular post, slotted front and back.
3m lengths

Slotted rear only

30mm square, slotted 4 sides.
3m lengths

60×30 mm, slotted front and back.

60×30 post, slotted rear only

50mm dia slotted front and back

CA 501
Slotted rear only, for rear hanging

Wall channel: 30mm face x 15mm side, screwed directly to wall

Single slotted 60×30 post for use at special ctrs.

Adjustable foot for 30mm square post

Adjustable foot floor fixing plate for square post. Can also be used as a top fixing

Adjustable foot for 60×30 post

Adjustable foot floor fixing plate for 60×30 post. Can also be used as a top fixing.

Adjustable foot for Slimpost.

Adjustable floor fixing plate for Slimpost. Can also be used as a top fixing.

Back fixing plate for Slimpost. Places the back of the post 10mm off the wall.

Locking back-fix for Slimpost. Standard length: 50mm

CA507/ 100, 150, 200, 250
Longer Locking back-fix for Slimpost. To order

Top, ceiling fixing for 30mm square post.

Top, ceiling fixing for Slimpost

CA419/340 & 440
Top Rear Back fix for Deep rear hanging for 30mm Square post: 340 long, 440 long.

CA619/340 & 440
Top Rear Back fix for Deep rear hanging for 60×30 Rect. post: 340 long, 440 long.

CA507/340 & 440
Back fix for Deep rear hanging where you cannot use a floor fix: 340 long, 440 long.

Twin Slot Legs:

Just our term for a upright with a welded bottom horizontal foot, in a single-sided version they are used where you cannot fix to the walls or for exhibition use: see Exhibitions and pop-up shops

In the double-sided version, they are also called ‘gondola legs’.

50 dia Single Sided Leg
1.4, 2m, 2.3m high
Connected with a set of 2 CA576 Connectors

60 x 30LSingle sided Leg
Typ. 2.5m high.
Connected with a set of 2 CA676 Connectors.
Made to order

SEE: ‘Exhibitions and Pop-up shops’ page, also: ‘Panel fixing

Twinslot High Gondolas for clothing

Hanging Fittings – Clothing and Accessories:

CA 459
FSO [Flat sided oval] Back Bar, or ‘RSB’ – takes FSO accessories

CA 458
Side Hanging Rail or ‘Big D’

CA 453
Zig-zag Rail, reversible, NB: for 1000mm module only

CA 332
FSO fitting
Straight arm 330mm & 400mm (13in & 16in)

CA 334
FSO fitting
Sloping arm 330mm & 400mm (13in & 16in)

CA 338
FSO fitting Stepped Arm 330mm & 400mm (13in & 16in)

CA 354
Clip-on or Small ‘D’ Rail. Fits on to FSO Back-bar 400mm, 500mm, 600mm. Provides side hanging and with an arm, forward hanging in the same bay.

CA 356
H-Bar to fit FSO Back-bars, 500mm and 600mm widths.

CA 339
FSO fitting Hooked sloping arm 400mm (16in)

CA 340
FSO fitting Hooked straight arm 400mm (16in)

CA 272
FSO fitting 6mm single hook, 100mm, 150, 200, 250mm

FSO fitting Single prong, 8mm single hook, Ball-ended, 300mm

CA 279
FSO fitting Eurohook 100mm, 150, 200, 250mm

Typical Assemblies:

For Option 1: Forward Hanging:

CA459 Back-bar with (e.g.) a CA332 straight arm plus a CA354 Clip-on Rail: provides side and face hanging in the same ‘bay’

CA448 half-shelf on CA359 brackets, on a CA459 Back-bar with (e.g.) a CA338 stepped arm

For Option 2: Rear Hanging:

For Rear Hanging on Slimposts: an alternative method of hanging glass shelves, using the CA330 Shelf support arm

For Option 3: Deep Rear Hanging:

For Deep Rear Hanging, us a CA458 Hanging Rail as a support rail for (e.g.) forward facing arms

Use the CA457 Reverse Bar as a Hanging Rail, or to hang the CA343/200 Double sided straight arm

Glass, Metal or timber shelves may be used in Deep Rear Hanging, as can Baskets, CA447

For Option 4: Side and Face hanging:

Again, Use the CA457 Reverse Bar as a Hanging Rail, or to hang the CA343/200 Double sided straight arm

CA343/200 Double sided
straight arm

CA437/12: Pairs of Side brackets, for face-and-side hanging of glass shelf


Glass, metal, timber, mesh, mesh baskets, shoe racks


Shelf bracket, in Pairs;
12in (305mm) 16in (406mm) std. sizes

Shelf Strap, in pairs, used to lock metal shelves and screw up into timber shelves.

Rubber stud for glass shelves, also used for timber shelves

Shelf tie-bars: support shelves with rubber studs, or timber.

Shelf brackets with fixing lugs for timber shelves

Metal Shelf 1m, 1.2m or 600mm ctrs, x 12in (305) or 16in (406)

Glass shelf 1m, 1.2m or 600mm ctrs, x 12in (305) or 16in (406) toughened

Glass shelf with radiused corners: 1m, 1.2m or 600mm ctrs, x 12in (305) or 16in (406) toughened

Timber shelf 1m, 1.2m or 600mm ctrs, x 12in (305) or 16in (406)

Using CA422 bkts, 2 CA328 shelf supports + 6 CA324 rubber studs, with a CA442 glass shelf.

Glass tubular shelf support, 1m, 1.2m or 600mm ctrs, 12in or 16in depth

Using CA450 Shelf support & CA444 Glass shelf + 5 CA324 rubber studs.

CA458/MT on CA458
Mesh top to fit a CA458 Hanging Rail

Mesh Basket: 1m, 1.2m & 600mm ctrs, x 300mm or 400mm deep x 100mm height.

CA474 – Pr of Brackets

CA475 – Magazine shelf

Adjustable angle shoe rack

Wire Riser for metal shelves

Wire Dividers for metal shelves

FSO fitting shelf arm for reverse hung CA444/R  glass shelves 330mm & 400mm

Needs 2 CA324 studs ea

CA330 shelf arms on a reverse hung back-bar

Mesh Panels and fittings

Mesh panel to fit slotted upright. In 1m, 1.2 and 600mm ctrs, x 1m, 500, & 750mm depths.
2inch (50mm) Square pattern.

Folded mesh panel, made to order, 500mm & 750mm depths.

CA282 Single hook
Fits mesh, 50mm, 100, 150, 200, 250mm

CA289 Eurohook
Fits mesh, 50mm, 100, 150, 200, 250mm

Display / Football ring 150mm dia.

Sheet metal shoe shelf
300×150 fits mesh

Wire shoe-rack takes an 80w x 39h mm ticket holder TH/80×39 (optional extra)

Panel Fixing:

We can supply the means of fixing timber panels from others OR supply our metal panels

Timber Panels:

Shop-fitters and interior contractors can fit their 18mm thick melamine faced chipboard or medium density fibreboard panels to our 60×30 uprights, as shown here, fitting between the posts.

We don’t normally supply wood panels, but the panel tie-bars are made to suit standard 18mm thick panels and can be supplied such that the panels can be fitted such that either the front or rear face of the panel comes flush with the face of the post.

For 60×30 posts: (or legs)

CA612 60×30 slotted post
Fixed to the wall with CA508s, or CA507’s




CA606 /1200,  /1000, /600 Panel tie-bar,
1200ctrs or 1m, or 600mm ctrs of upright.
Normally we’d recommend 3 in the height.

P22C Saddle bracket
2 to a Panel tie-bar: Screw to the rear of the wood panels and simply hang on the panel tie-bars

To place the FRONT of the 18mm panel flush with the front of the upright use the
CA606/FF Panel tie-bar

To place the REAR of the 18mm panel flush with the front of the upright use the
CA606/RF Panel tie-bar

Similarly, with welded LegsCA678, use the same panel tie-bars and P22C saddle brackets:


A base shelf can either be made as a continuous shelf over several bays, or we can provide fixing pins for placing individual shelves between the legs as here:


We can also accommodate wood panels onto 30mm Square posts and the 50mm dia Slimposts, details on request.

Metal Panels:

We also make metal panels to fit 60×30 rectangular posts:
This as an Assembly showing 2 bays of 60×30 posts with metal panels attached.
The posts would need fixing to the wall with fixings e.g. CA508 or CA507/50 (not show here).

The height of the post is 2246mm, plus 24mm for the adjustable foot, making the total height 2270mm with the foot screwed right up.

CA612/WS (60×30) post

CA676/LW Connectors: 3 required per bay:
The connectors are used to space the post correctly, so the panels just slot in, from the bottom up.
Then you can add whatever hanging / shelving accessories you need into the slotted posts.

CA100 Set of 4 steel panels:

Normally made to order only: to fit 1200mm and 600mm
bays (other bay-widths, including 1000mm also possible)

Graphics, Mannequin Hanging:

Graphics Holder

Takes card or 3mm Foamex printed panel

Graphics Panel

Takes a paper graphic  with a pvc clear cover

Graphics Holder

Takes card or 3mm Foamex, is an alternative for high double sided gondolas, slotting into the top connector

See photo on ‘Legs’ Section

½ Torso Manneqin

Male / Female, complete with bracket to fit Back-bar

¾ Torso Manneqin

Male / Female, complete with bracket to fit Back-bar

CA249 Slat-rail,
Provides a means of attaching slatwall accessories without the need for a full panel.

CA410 Piccolo bar
takes e.g. Beanie hat loops

We don’t supply Slatwall panels, so the accessories we do are for Retailers having say Twinslot (System1) but need a few Slatwall accessories to go with it. CA262, and CA269, are Slatwall-fitting Single Hooks, and Euro-hooks respectively.