The Dragon System1: Twinslot Wall Display Shop-fitting hanging system: Options

Using slotted posts are a contemporary way of keeping the tremendous versatility of a slotted system:

Here are 4 Options for using 3 different sections, round, square and rectangular, giving 4 different visual effects:

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NB: We are currently updating our product options here

Option 1:
Forward Hanging

Achieved with CA412 square, CA502 round, and CA612 rectangular

Gallery pictures – rows 3, 4, plus 6 & 7

Option 2A:
Rear Hanging with round posts

Using CA501 50 dia Slimposts, slotted on the rear only, no slots on the front.

Gallery pictures – Row 5 pics 1, 2 & 4

Rear Hanging with Square or Rectangular posts

Option 2B:
Rear Hanging with Square or Rectangular posts

Using CA401/R 30mm Square or CA601/R 60×30 posts, no slots on the front, accessories attached in the rear slots, hanging or shelves will be predominantly in front of the posts.

Gallery pictures – Row 5 pic 3

Deep Rear Hanging

Option 3:
Deep Rear Hanging

Achieved with (normally) CA601/R 60×30 posts, or CA401/R 30×30 posts, no slots on the face, the front of clothing hanging comes very approximately level with the front of the posts.

Gallery pictures – Row 6 – pics 1, 2, 5

Half/Half Rear Hanging

Option 4:
Half/Half Rear Hanging

Using CA601/R 60×30 posts or CA401/R 30mm Square posts, no slots on the front face, clothing hanging will be partly behind and partly in front of the posts.

Gallery pictures – Row 6 – pics 3 & 4

Option 5:

use the CA321 Wall channel, which is a cheaper option, but maybe looks a little less contemporary now, and takes more fixing.

Option 6:

For instances where you need to have a freestanding system: see Legs or Exhibitions

Other Options

  • Colour: use our standard silver-grey, a contemporary, neutral colour, or for just 5% extra specify another colour: our NEW champagne – a super finish for fashion – or black, white, cream, clear lacquer (an ‘urban’ look), graphite (a darker, slightly textured grey) chocolate brown . . . or maybe specify your own. If it’s available we can do it.
  • Posts can be used centre-shop too, fixing top and bottom
  • If you need to accommodate panels, see the panels page