System4: Panel-based double slotted hanging system

The System4 is a state of the art retail wall display system that uses double-slotted aluminium uprights with 600mm centres, inserted through 18mm MF MDF panels. Providing a strong structure, with the flexibility to place fittings and accessories as you would like to really showcase your shop’s stock to create a truly mesmerising shopping experience.

Our CA902 clothing display aluminium upright is available in a range of lengths, the standard lengths being 1998mm, or 2478mm.

See the sister System3 for more ideas and information on how these can be used to merchandise your shop and the sizings we offer.


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The components outlined below are all designed for the 600mm centres featured with the System4, but can be made to meet 1000mm ctrs or 1200mm ctrs specifications.

All systems are available in standard finishes:

Satin chrome plated,

A powder coated finish to order: e.g. Champagne, graphite, chocolate brown or other colours if available: quote us a RAL colour if you can.

CA959/600 Back-bar 600mm ctrs

CA932/330 Straight Arm
330mm long

934/330 Sloping Arm
330mm long

938/330 Stepped Arm
330mm long

CA272 Single Hook fit CA959 Back-bar

CA279 Eurohook fit CA959 Back-bar

CA356/600 H-Bar
600mm, fits CA959 Backbar

CA398 Shoe-shelf
(With saddle fixings)

Hanging Rail 600mm ctrs

Pairs Shelf brackets

Glass shelf 600mm x 12inch (305mm)

Timber shelf 600mm x 12inch (305mm)

CA444 – CA942 – CA324
(Rubber studs – 4 req’d)
Glass shelf assembly

CA946 Prs Shelf brackets complete with Hanging rail with:

CA444/600/12 Glass shelf 600mm x 12inch (305mm)

CA324 Rubber studs 4 off

CA460 Mirror 1200 x 360mm Complete with brackets to fit CA959 Back-bar

CA372 ½ Torso In black, male or female Complete with bracket to fit CA959 Back-bar

CA373 ¾ Torso in gloss white Complete with bracket to fit the CA959 Back-bar

Our retail wall display systems are great when paired with our centre shop units that direct customers to browse the whole shop floor. Really showcase your favourite products for the season.