System3: Panel-based single slotted hanging system

Wall Hanging System: Panels

System 3 is an elegant system based on minimalist accessories supported from narrow slotted sections inserted into timber panelling.

A variety of accessories for hanging and glass shelves is available in a satin chrome plated, or powder coated finish. Typical colours available are champagne, graphite, and chocolate brown.

It is available in 2 ways: either:

1: Dragon System3 panels, as shown here, are made to hang in relief off a pre-decorated wall using simple split battens. Screw the split battens to the wall and hang the panels off them.

The panels are typically 1200mm wide and 1880mm high, made in MF MDF panels with the aluminium uprights fixed in at 600mm centres, and mounted typically 300mm off the floor. Or, they can be 1000mm wide with 500mm centres. All panels are made to order.


2: The uprights can be supplied to the retailer’s shop-fitters or interior contractor to fix them, maybe into continuously-fixed panels to suit client preferences. For this purpose the Aluminium upright, CA901, is available in typically 1678, 1998 and 2478mm lengths.

CA900 Panel, complete with 2 uprights: CA901 (Left)

CA901 Single Slotted Aluminium Upright (Right)

Components and Accessories

CA912 Straight Arm – 330mm

CA914 Sloping Arm – 330mm

CA918 Stepped Arm – 330mm

CA916 T-Bar 300 x 400mm wide

CA962 Hanging Rail Bracket (2)
CA950 Hanging Rail/Backbar
– 1200mm or 1000mm

CA952 Backbar Bracket (2)
CA950 Hanging Rail/Back Bar
– 1200mm or 1000mm

CA910/280 Shelf Arm (2)
CA444 Glass shelf 1200 x 305
or 406mm CA324 Rubber Studs (4)

CA942/300: pairs of brackets with fixing lugs to screw up into a shelf

CA932 Straight Arm fit Backbar – 330mm

CA934 Sloping Arm fit Backbar – 330mm

CA938 Stepped Arm fit Backbar – 330mm

CA272 Single Hook fit CA959 Back-bar

CA279 Eurohook fit CA959 Back-bar

CA921 Single shelf support
CA444/350×300 Glass shelf
CA324 Rubber Studs (4)

CA964 Syst3 Back-bar with central bracket
Here shown with CA282 hooks

CA972 ¼ Torso M/F
CA973 ¾ Torso M/F
c/w bracket to fit upright

Alternatively, where you are using just a pair of CA901 uprights, maybe in a showcase, we can provide hanging rails and back-bars in the same pattern as System4, but they must be referred to as CA958/S3/600 and CA958/S3/600 respectively, to be able to use them at
600mm ctrs of CA901 upright: