Ibis Lingerie Display System

A wall-hanging retail system for lingerie display and fashion. It’s infinitely horizontally variable and leaves the floor clear. It’s also very easy to fix, reducing your shop-fitting costs, and very easy to use.

For Lingerie:

Maximum capacity for a given wall uses 2 Rails one above the other, for instance the top one fixed at around 1950mm from the floor, the bottom one at 950mm. Like this, a 630mm short Drophanger can then be placed on the bottom rail immediately underneath a 1m long Drophanger on the top rail. (The Drophanger is the vertical element which hangs on the rail and takes arms and other accessories at various heights.)

As a guide, allow about 450mm of Rail between Drophangers: this can be varied to suit the merchandise as you use it. Allow up to 3 arms in the height of a metre long Drophanger, 2 for a short.

For Fashion:

You can work with one horizontal rail at about 1950mm from the floor, and use the 1200mm drophanger, this allows one arm towards the top and another on the bottom, thus giving two heights of hanging.

Or, if you want glass shelves lower down you’ll need the lower rail too.

Allow about 500mm or 600mm between drop-hangers, depending on the space you need for your product.

Using the System

The horizontal rails are fixed directly to pre-decorated walls or panels.

Adding drop-hangers to the rails is just a case of placing them anywhere required along the rail.

The attachment of arms is simple and easy. Hold an arm vertically against the drop hanger and hook it around the back [1]. Lower it to the horizontal and its done [2].

To adjust the vertical position, lift the arm to allow the hook to clear the ball-rest and move it to the required new position.

CA801 Rail
available in typically 1.5m lengths, and 1m.;for longer runs butt together 2 adjacent lengths at a fixing plate

CA803 Fixing Plates
allow approx. 750mm spacing.


660mm long


1000mm long


(not shown) 1200mm long

Typical assembly

Straight Arm

330mm long

Sloping Arm

330mm long

Stepped Arm

330mm long

CA830 Shelf arm
2 per shelf

CA444 850×300 (typ)
Glass shelf

CA324 Rubber Studs
2 per arm

400mm wide


typ. 850mm long

Single Hook

for accessories, fits Backbar.

CA279 Euro-hook



¾ Torso White Female
(complete with bracket)

If you’d like us to help with the working out:

Post, fax or e-mail us a plan of your layout, indicating which walls are to have the Ibis system and what their lengths are. Or just tell us the wall-lengths. We’ll work out the rail sizes required, the number of fixing plates for each rail, and the maximum capacity of arms etc., and cost it up for you to decide. There’s no charge for this.

Fixing: This system is easily fixed by anyone capable of screwing fixing plates to the wall.