Retail Gondolas / Island Units


Twinslot high gondola for clothingHigh Double sided gondola unitOur Gondola units are made to match the Slimpost wall system and take a wide variety of accessories, so you can design your own gondola. We also make them in 60×30 tube to match the CA612 rectangular post (to order).

They are strong, sturdy, go together easily and really look good.

Use the basic frame as a starter, then add whatever shelving or hanging you need, with glass tops, baseboards, centre panels and end fittings all available as options.

The basic unit uses 2 legs (or ‘uprights’) and 1 set of 2 connectors, and can be extended to any length in multiples of the module length.

They have a nominal height of 1.4m, (now: also 1.6m to order), extendible in height to 2m or 2.2m with extensions. Connectors are available for 1metre, 1.2metre and 600mm module lengths. Overall length is 50mm more than module length, or 120mm with baseboards. The width is 750mm without, or 835mm with, base-boards.

SEE ALSO: the exhibition page for more information on Single sided high gondolas or Free-standing retail units.

Double sided Gondola Unit
Double sided unit: consisting of 2 CA574 Uprights + 1 set of 2 CA576 Connectors.
In standard height of 1.4m, plus 1.6m, 2m and 2.3m.

Single Sided Unit
Consisting of 2 CA578 Uprights + 1 set of 2 CA576 Connectors.
In standard height of 1.4m, plus 1.6m, 2m and 2.3m.

Double Sided Unit with height extension
Consisting of 2 CA574 Uprights + 1 set of 2 CA576 Connectors + 2 CA575 ht extensions. Also for Single sided units.

A row of 4 units: Consisting here of 5 CA574 Uprights + 4 sets of 2 CA576 Connectors

Typical Gondola Assembly
(without side hanging or shelving)

Gondola end mesh panel 500x1200mm.
Takes hooks etc.

CA531: Tie bar for gondola end: takes (e.g.) arms
CA531/EXT: Extended Tie-bar enables 3 hangers along each side of a 1200 unit;
CA535: curved T-bar, takes hangers directly

Glass top shelf, 350 wide

Graphic panel holder, takes card or 3mm foamex panels

Gondola Centre Panel, std: mf mfc black or white

Mesh centre panel: single or double; take fittings shown under Mesh Panels & Fittings.

Double sided Slatwall  made to order only

Base board for double sided unit: std: black or white. Can also be made to fit single sided units: CA and for a continuous run: CA566.

Plan view of CA596 base board

Gondolas can also be made in 60 x 30 uprights to match the CA612 Posts