Garment Rails and Merchandising Units

These are all freestanding units, and perfect for displaying your clothing and other merchandise in an efficient yet eye catching fashion. Standard finish is a light silver-grey, but for a little extra we can provide them in some other colours or maybe match your preferred finish.

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Garment rail 8 arm 4-way Unit

Garment Display Unit (CA542):

A four sided unit that allows just over 3m of hanging in a metre square footprint. Optional extras include an acrylic top shelf and graphic holders.

Garment rail Triped Unit

Triped Unit (CA546):

Shown here with 3 sloping arms, 3 clip-on rails and an acrylic top-shelf. This 3 sided garment rail offers 1.9 metres of hanging space.

Garment rail Quadped Unit

Quadped Unit (CA548):

Supplied with 2 side rails, a hanging rail on each end and a glass top shelf. It can also be fitted with glass or metal shelves on one or both ends. With full hanging, it provides 3.2m of hanging space for a 1m unit. O/a length 1.6m x 0.6m wide, or it’s also available as a 1200mm unit.

Garment rail Merchandiser Unit

Merchandising Unit (CA556/1200):

A 1.2m unit (without accessories) shown here with shelves at one end and a hanging rail on the other, and a graphic holder, but you chose what accessories would suit your merchandise. Also available as a 0.6m unit (CA556/600).

Single Stem Stands (CA550A & CA550B):

With or without an acrylic top shelf. Can also be fitted with a graphic holder instead.

Mesh Accessory Stand

Double-sided Mesh Accessory Stand (CA552):

A double-sided unit standing 1.74m high. It can be fitted with a graphic header. Takes mesh-fitting hooks and other mesh-fitting accessories.

One-way Adjustable Height Garment Rail (CA558 A):

Adjustable from 1.20m to 1.75m to suit the size of clothing. Suitable for dresses, tops and more.

Also made as a 2-way unit with the same adjustability and dimensions (CA558B).

Garment Rail, (CA560) 1500mm high x 1.1m with base, adjustable feet and end hangers for specimen items

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