Freestanding Clothing Display for Exhibitions and Pop-up Shops

Or, for permanent retail space where you may not be able to fix to the walls

Using 50mm dia round slotted legs (as the Slimposts):

Click on a photo for it to appear larger

Shown here as a 2-bay ‘run’ they can be joined with 1m, 1.2m and/or 0.6m connectors. 0.8m connectors also made to order. Put as many in a ‘run’ as you need, and mix them if need be. They are fitted with adjustable feet for levelling, have a 450mm front leg, and are easily screwed together on site.

The overall length of a run is the number of bays x 1000mm, 1200mm or 600mm, plus 50mm, so a 2x1m run is 2050mm (205cm) long overall.

Please note that if you want to use base-shelves this needs to specified at the time of ordering, the fixings cannot be added later.

NB: These take any and all of the accessories shown on the Twin-slot accessory pages

Freestanding Exhibition Clothing Display - Graphics

CA539 Printed Roll-up Banner and
CA528 Graphic Holder

A full-length printed banner can be added as a back-panel, provided in the form of a roll-up pvc banner printed with your graphics: whether your logo, patterned or a full colour photo as shown here.

We can provide your printed graphics too, we just need a full-size high-res pdf.

And if transport is an issue for exhibition purposes, as an alternative you could use the 1.4m high legs, CA578/1.4, with height extensions CA575 to make up the height to 2m or 2.3m

CA574/1.4 Uprights, CA576 Connectors, and CA575 Height Extensions

Here is a list of component parts:

CA578: Legs: 1.4m, 2m or 2.3m

CA575: Height Extension for a 1.4m leg to extend to 2m or 2.3m

CA576: Set of 2 connectors for 1m, 1.2m or 0.6m centres of post.

0.8m too if required: we only do the CA459 Back-bar and CA458 Hanging rail in 800mm ctrs however.

CA566: Base Shelf

CA528: Graphic holder 150mm or 200mm deep for branding, we can supply your printed graphics too

CA539: Graphic Banner, printed full height

You can specify the items with sizes: eg CA578/2.3, CA576/1200