Bespoke Shopfitting Wall Systems

We produce bespoke variations on any of our wall hanging systems, Twinslot (System1), System3 and System4, so see these

systems first, if as a designer or multiple retailer you need something different contact us.

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These are examples of wall systems which are based on our standard ranges but which have bespoke elements produced to suit the Retailer or as requested by their Designers or Shop-fitters.  If you want to achieve a particular look, please ask.

Uprights for the Twin-slot range can be 50mm dia. Slimposts, 60×30 rectangular or 30mm square, and may be slotted both front and back, or slotted rear only leaving the front of the post smooth: based on our ‘rear hanging’ or ‘deep rear hanging’. Or for System3 and System4 variations, use the CA901 or CA902 uprights.

These would take all the standard accessories as seen on the relevant pages, but we are also happy to develop special accessories, be it special shelves, holders for riding hats, rucksack holders, etc., etc.

OR: we can start afresh on a system made according to what you need

See also: Bespoke Centre-shop Display Stands