Choosing the best wall display system for your store

How your store looks to customers is a key part when it comes to selling stock, but with so many different kinds of wall display systems available the task of choosing just the right one can be daunting. There are so many things to think about, from the wall system’s height to what space you have in your store. 

To make choosing the right wall display system a stress free and simple journey we have put together a small guide to help you on your way.


What do you need to consider?


Your lease – depending on what actions you can carry out, for example drilling holes into walls, will instantly direct you towards certain types of wall display systems over others. (Dragon Display Systems can provide free-standing as well as wall-fixed systems.)


How flexible you need to be – will you need to be able to move the accessories into a different position? Many systems have the ability to be altered by moving the arms into new positions, making it very easy for you to re-merchandise your store. If this is something you do regularly then this is definitely something to think about.


What kind of budget do you have – and what sort of market are you in? Are you after cheap and cheerful or are you looking for something more sophisticated which will give an impression of being more up-market? Many shop-fitting suppliers import from China and the like, which will usually have limited ranges and finishes. All Dragon Display Systems products are designed and made here in the UK and you may see something more akin to what you want it to look like. 


What items you want to display – considering what stock you will be selling is vital, as you want to make sure you get a wall display system that will really showcase your stock. For example, if you want to display clothes and shoes, then you will need a system that has varied hanging facilities: with a number of different ways to hang. Too much side hanging can make it look like a dry-cleaners!


An artfully curated wall display can inspire interest from customers as soon as they walk in the store, by showcasing your stock in the best light possible. So, what wall display systems are available to you?


At Dragon Display Systems we have four state of the art wall display systems that will suit your needs down to a tee.


Twin-slot Shopfitting Display System

This wall display system provides a variety of slotted uprights for wall-mounted and freestanding displays, with four different options which have very different visual impacts. Each option will create a unique look for your store, with accessories ideal for displaying clothing and clothing-related goods

  • Shelving,
  • Hanging features,
  • Adjustable arms, 
  • Accessory panels.

Its smart look and contemporary design makes it perfect to fit into any store design and it can even be tailored to suit your individual business needs.


Ibis Shopfitting System

This easily attached wall-mounted rail suspends arms, rails, glass shelves and other display features in an attractive, easy-to-use way. 

Whilst the design was originally created for lingerie, it can be used to display compact products, children’s clothing and the latest fashions. All of this can be beautifully displayed with the ability to keep up with changing stock width due to the adaptability of the system, whilst keeping the shop floor clear.



The elegantly designed panel-based wall display system uses narrow, slotted sections inserted into timber panelling that can be provided in two ways:

  1. The ready-made Dragon System3 panels can be hung on pre-decorated walls by using the split battens provided. These battens are simply screwed  to the wall before hanging the ready-made panels on them to display your awaiting stock.
  2. OR: Uprights can be supplied to your shopfitters or interior contractor to be fixed into permanent panels, which could go from floor to ceiling. The uprights still need to be fixed and used in pairs.

Excellent for displaying clothing, with the ability to vary the heights of your clothing range to attract customers to the latest fashions, and it leaves the floor completely clear.



This panel based system uses a double-slotted upright that enables continuous runs of accessories that are normally made for 600mm centres of upright, with some items in 1200mm, or, to order, 1000mm centres.

You will normally need a shop-fitter or interior contractor to supply and fit the panelling with the uprights supplied by us. It still gives you the ability to re-merchandise as often as you like.


Bespoke Wall Display Systems

Every shop floor is unique, so why have the same wall display fitting as everyone else? A bespoke wall system can be designed to fit around specific building features or to fit exactly into the design envisioned for the store, enabling you to merchandise your products just the way you want. 

Dragon Display Systems offer bespoke wall systems that can be adapted from their standard ranges to give you just the look you are after. Discover how they can help.


Hopefully this has made the whole process of choosing a wall display system easier by outlining what needs to be considered and how we at Dragon Display Systems can help you, and we are always happy to talk through your options! So don’t worry about your displays, you can probably find what you need at Dragon Display Systems