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Twin-Slot Components - Gondolas, Island Units:

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Gondola Units, Gondolas: Twin-slot Island Units

These Gondola units are made to match the Slimpost wall system and take a wide variety of accessories, so you can design your own gondola.

They are strong, sturdy, go together easily and really look good.

Use the basic frame as a starter, then add whatever shelving or hanging you need, with glass tops, baseboards, centre panels and end fittings all available as options.

The basic unit uses 2 legs (or 'uprights') and 1 set of 2 connectors, and can be extended to any length in multiples of the module length, so for instance a 3m 'run' would need 4 legs and 3 sets of 2 connectors.

They have a nominal height of 1.4m, extendible in height to 2m or 2.2m with extensions. Connectors are available for 1metre, 1.2metre and 600mm module lengths. Overall length is 50mm more than module length, or 120mm with baseboards. The width is 750mm without, or 835mm with, base-boards.

CA 574 Double sided Gondola legs, 1.4 high. Fitted with adjustable feet as standard, or 65mm dia. locking castors as an optional extra.

CA576 Sets of 2 connectors, 1000mm, 1200mm, 600mm.

CA 578 Single sided Gondola legs, to back up to a wall, 1.4 high. Fitted with adjustable feet and CA576 Connectors

SEE Exhibitions page
Alternative tube size

Alternative tube size to match the 60mm x 30mm rectangular post
Made to order only

Island Units

Click on picture for
an enlarged image

Extension piece

White backboard

Black base and top shelf

Sample accessories

Sample accessories

Extension pieces

CA 575 Extensions to increase leg height, to 2m or 2.2m to order. One required for each leg.

CA 576/s Single connectors for Extensions.

Gondola Assembly

Gondola Assembly with some of the items illustrated below.

Gondola Graphics panel

CA 592 Gondola Graphics panel

Glass top shelf

CA 591 Glass top shelf

Gondola centre panel

CA 593 Gondola centre panel

Gondola Rectangular Baseshelf

CA596 Baseshelf.

Baseshelf on plan

Baseshelf on plan

Slatwall centre panel

CA594 Double Sided Slatwall
  centre panel - made to order
Gondola end mesh panel

Gondola end mesh panel
CA401 500x1200

Fitting mesh panel:-

CA282 CA282
Single hook

CA289 CA289
Euro hook

CA298 CA298
Shoe shelf

CA531 T-Bar

CA531 T-Bar - to carry 2 arms, straight, sloping or stepped.

CA531-EXT T-Bar

CA531/EXT Extended T-bar - to carry 2 arms and enables space for 3 forward arms on the sides of a 1200mm module gondola, without the clothes hangers clashing with arms on the T-bar.

Curved T-Rail

CA535 Curved T-Rail, takes clothes hangers directly

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