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Free standing clothing display stands for Exhibitions and Pop-up shops:
Or, for permanent retail space where you may not be able to fix to the walls

Exhibition hanging for clothes - clothing
Exhibition hanging for clothes - clothing

Alternative 1: 50mm dia round slotted posts:

Single sided Gondola legs are made at 2.3m high or 1.4m high, and they complement the 1.4high double-sided gondolas.

Shown here (right) as a 2m 'run', they can be joined with 1m, 1.2m, or 600mm connectors, and as many in a run as required.

Fitted with adjustable feet for leveling, they have a 450mm front leg, and easily screw together on site.

These units take any of the accessories shown in the Twinslot pages, such as hanging, shelving, mesh panels, graphics panels etc.

To order, they can be fitted with base-shelves, in Black, White or Ash-effect mdf. The overall length of a run is the number of 'bays' x 1000mm plus 50mm.

Exhibitions and Pop up shops   Exhibitions and Pop up shops  
CA578/2500: Leg
CA576/1000, /1200 or /600: Set of 2 connectors
CA566 Base Shelf: (and fixings supplied to order)
CA530: Graphic Panel 135mm deep c/w PCV clear cover
CA539: Graphic Banner attaches to rear slots, see below
Exhibitions and Pop up shops

You may click through any photo image for an enlarged view

Alternative 2: 60 x 30 Slotted posts: (normally made to order):

These legs are made in a 60x30 rectangular tube, and are referenced CA678/2500, being normally 2.5m high.

Where no panels are required they are supplied with CA678 connectors (as Right), which are ideal where the wall behind is nicely decorated.

Again, they take all the accessory fittings shown on the Twinslot accessory pages.

OR: for use with 18mm panels: Using CA606 Panel Tie-bars

In this case Panel Tie-bars are supplied, on which may be hung the panels

P22 Saddle bracket for hanging the panels

The panel-support bars place an 18mm
panel flush with the front of the upright.
(or can be produced so that the rear of
the panel is flush with the front of the
upright, so that the panel can come
over the edge of the upright and all you
see is the slots.)

A base-shelf may be ‘fixed’ as left,
and may be plain, as above-left,
or with a plinth, as above.

We will quote for what you need to accomplish.

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