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Products Overview:

Twinslot is a steel slotted system, with a variety of uprights  
Ibis is a rail-based system
System3 and System4 use single and double aluminium slotted uprights

Twinslot >
The Dragon Twin-slot shopfitting display system provides a variety of slotted uprights for wall-mounted and freestanding use, with 4 different options to create a different look. Our Twinslot has possibly one of the widest range of accessories for clothing such as shelving, hanging, arms, hooks, panels etc.

It's very versatile, easily fixed and easily changed, including retro-fixing to ready-decorated areas. It can easily be tailored to your specific trade and market, and looks smart and contemporary.

< Ibis
The Ibis® system uses a simply-fixed wall-mounted rail to suspend arms, rails, glass shelves etc., and is attractive, easily-used, and unobtrusive. Originally designed for lingerie display, with high density display of more compact, high-value product, it can also be used for children's wear and fashion generally.

It leaves the floor quite clear and is almost infinitely horizontally variable, so instantly changeable to suit changing stock-widths.

System3 >
System 3™ is an elegant, panel-based system with low visual-impact, finished in satin chrome. It uses a low-profile aluminium slotted channel and has a good variety of arms, rails, glass shelves etc., to suit the retailer's style of merchandising. It can be supplied complete with stand-alone, hang-on-the wall panels, or built into paneling supplied by the shopfitter.

< System4
System 4™ is also panel-based, but has a double-slotted upright that enables continuous runs of accessories, rather than having the uprights in pairs as with System3. It also has a good range of accessories, and is currently made for 600mm centres of upright, with some items in 1200mm. It’s available in a Satin Chrome finish or Champagne coated. It needs to be built into the paneling by the shopfitter or interior contractor, rather than perhaps having a simple hang-on-the-wall approach.

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